Flood Mitigation

This could be the best insurance you could invest in

Small defences that mitigate flooding can pay back from the 1st event. Infrastructure can be protected from lasting damage, loss of operation and incurring repair costs. May even save a life.

Service Description

The days of sand bags are gone. The new threat is much more volatile and dangerous and solutions need to keep up with this threat. Fairly large scale solutions need to be deployed with expediency and provide safety to people and infrastructure.  The barrier solution covers Large (Tubes); Medium (Metal) and Small (Flex Wall).

Tubes offers probably the strongest and most flexible solution for temporary large scale flood protection as well as temporary liquid storage in terms of price and efficiency. With more than 15 years of experience within the development of flood protection the solution is designed to reduce potential devastations caused by flooding. Based on a market driven and customer-oriented approach in terms of construction there is not a current system better in the world used in over 40 countries throughout the world.

  • All sizes are easier and quicker to deploy compared to other systems
  • Large Tubes have dual sheath protection
  • Outer skin is woven and kevlar based
  • Inner skin is designed to be pollution resistant and easily cleaned
  • Differing heights as per chart below
  • Longest single length 2km can be joined to mulitple lengths
  • Flexible barrier can be deployed around obstacles or terrrain
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Dynamic  Flood Management
  • Increased Transport Protection
  • Financial Benefits Min. ROI x 10
  • Patented technology and CE certification

Large barrier concept

Pre and Post Flood Dectection

The NoFloods early warning system has been developed to improve the preparedness, and therefore the responsiveness of agencies involved in managing flood response activities. The NoFloods EWS comprises of a water-level sensors network (stand-alone sensors placed at the riverbanks or/and sensors mounted on the NoFloods barrier) and smart water pumps, all connected to GSM units that report alerts via SMS or email to the managing authorities.

In addition, NoFloods EWS is provided with a Web-based platform which gives access to online status sensor display, configuration of the units and pump remote control capabilities. The design of this smart system can not only detect the upcoming flood but also the possible instability or leakage problems of the barriers assisting the decision makers to act effectively and on time.

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Small and Medium barriers also available to make the most complete solution available for critical infrastructure flood mitigation.

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