Winter Maintenance

Winter Maintenance

Critical to our lives during winter months

Maintenance professionals battle quickly changing weather conditions with fewer resources. Technology aids this gap allowing maintenance to be carried out quickly.

Service Description

Winter Maintenance product solutions that exceed the technical capability of many of the existing materials on the market.

Ranging from Pre-Icer's to De-Icers to Windscreen maintenance during severe weather the solutions available are worth investigation based not only on technical capability but total cost of ownership through better cleverer use of materials creating longer lifespan and increased effectiveness.

Manufactured in the UK, Holland and Italy with over 70 years of parent company experience in the US. Coomplementing this are a range of delivery systems and snow clearing solutions from a leading Canadian manufacturer.

SupaThaw – Reactive Maintenance

SUPATHAW - Heats and Thaws Frozen Surfaces – The Safer Alternative or Addition to Rock Salt

SUPATHAW is effective down to temperatures as low as - 56°C and prevents re-freezing. SUPATHAW is non-toxic, non-tainting and non- corrosive. Also contains a special anti-slip additive and will not ‘carry’ into buildings.

D-Ice Liquid ECOSAFE– Pre-emptive Maintenance 

Rapidly penetrates and melts ice, frost and snow to leave a residue free surface. Also recommended as a preventive against frost and ice formation by applying it immediately at the onset of extremely cold conditions. 

ICE MELT can be used to remove frost and ice from car and truck windshields and headlights, as well as office, store and home windows. ICE MELT can also be used to thaw frozen doors, windows, and locks. Why is it better? With its super propellant, you can use it from a long-distance ideal for maintenance vehicles no more hanging out of the door. Also, its instantaneous when used no scraping just use your wipers straight away.

  • ICE MELT is a quality blend of the finest ice melting ingredients available today.
  • Quick melting and non-smearing.
  • Contains rust inhibitor.
  • Especially formulated for removing frost and hard ice from vehicle windshields.
  • Convenient: Ready-to-use aerosol form makes ICE MELT easy to use.
  • Harmless to metal, rubber, plastic, glass, painted surfaces, cloth and clothing.
  • Quickly removes ice and frost from windscreens, windows, mirrors, locks, valves, pipes, lamps and brake linkages.
  • ICE MELT works quickly and effectively. Saves the time and trouble of window scraping.
  • ICE MELT leaves no smeary residue to foul wiper blades and blur vision. 

Western Hoppers and Ploughs come in a range of sizes. Ideal for off road or small road areas such as shopping areas, private offices and local car parks open to the weather. Also please discuss with us any of your Winter Training requirements.

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