HR Consultancy

HR Consultancy


Consultant, Advisor, Business Partner we provide the same consistancy to the business.

Typical acting as a HR Business Partner we build good relationships, acting within a predefined scope to achieve the organisations short medium and long term aims on a period of frequency determined by the scope of works.

We will being curiosity about the business and its people looking for better ways of doing things or just tightening up on aspects of the business from a HR perspective.

We will analyse and understand data and information to arrive at vigourous and credible observations. This evidence alllows us to provide suggested pathways and see where other elements of the business which could be stakeholders, customer teams or even external partners need to gain influence, inclusiveness and commitment.

We will work with the business to drive the required changes if required collaborating on projects, assisting on delivery with plans, prioritisation, monitoring.


Variety can be the spice of HR. There is always so much to do.! 

First and foremost as in everything we do we need to listen and understand what is needed so then we can address the scope of works which could include elements such as

  • Employee relations

Critical to maintain and develop effective working relationships across an organisation. We also support managers by ensuring the workforce is motivated and engaged. Understanding the goals of the organisation enable constructive feedback in a 360 degree format.

  • Culture of trust

Fostering a culture of trust should be a pre-requisite for any organisation. Strong values are also important especially when managing any potential trade unions and workplace conflict. Promoting a genuine commitment to diversity, fairness and equal opportunity will facilitate dialogue across an organisaton.

  • Performance and reward

The reward function helps to to create and sustain a high-performance culture has to ensure that its people’s skills, behaviours, values, attitudes and contribution are rewarded and recognised. Asisting with salary levels and allowances could lead to the creaton of incentive and recognition schemes or to evaluate benefits overlooked or misunderstood by the workforce.


Strategic Planning and Change Management

We work with management on attracting and developing talent which falls into the Recruitment and Learning Development sections. This helps us to work holisitcally with an organisation. In turn it assists in delivering the business strategy. Partnering with managers in the business is essential understanding strengths and weaknesses to assist in the wider picture. So yes we support but we will also challenge managers and provide insights that can help drive sustainable performance improvements.


No organisation can rest on their laurels today. Agile organsiations fight to stay ahead or even just in the game due to fast moving external challenges.  We factor in  Organisational Development to manage the fluid changes often required.

Delivery could include programmes where the impact on the organisation’s culture or development of its people needs clear and planned focus. 

Communicating a vision of that change is critical looking at the ups and the downs; the risks and the rewards.  All based on experience and foresight utilising systems where needed.

We look at the past the present and the future for employees managment and the organisation providing an external trusted advisor view.


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